WE. ARE. LIVE! Holy crap. We've only been thinking/talking/dreaming of this website for ohhh say the last  two years so it's about dang time!! I am beyond excited for y'all to officially be able to shop online- it's something I've wanted to offer since day one but just couldn't quite get it together fast enough.. sorry about that! Bear with us these next few weeks as this will be a *huge* learning process for us! I promise we'll have it perfected in no time, though! We will be adding products daily/weekly so make sure you check back often to see the new must have pieces- AND- if you see something you need on Instagram but can't locate on here, no worries! Just give us a call and we can take your order over the phone and ship it right out to you! 

Now, let's get to the fun stuff! We'll be blogging ALOT about our favorite in-store items with ideas on how to wear them along with lots of other posts featuring everything from must go to vacation spots to our favorite wine! (And trust me- trying to get my 8 year old through this talking back phase has taught me a thing or two about wine! Just kidding;) ok, not really.. but you know what I mean!) Anyway, I'm excited to get to know you guys a little better and for you to be able to follow along with us through this next chapter! Thank you, as always, for supporting and loving Morton James as much as I do-- you will never know how much I truly appreciate each and every one of you! XO